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Image above: Vik Muniz

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère after Édouard Manet, from the Pictures of Magazines 2 series, 2012.

Out of the refuse of modern life—torn scraps of outdated magazines, destined for obscurity—Muniz has assembled an ode to one of the first paintings of modern life. Édouard Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, painted in 1882, explores the treachery of nineteenth-century Parisian nightlife through the depiction of a bartender attending to a male patron reflected in the mirror behind her. Muniz plays on Manet’s style, replacing Manet’s visible brushstrokes with the frayed edges of torn paper and lending the work immense visual interest.

“Thank you for DogStarNYC, in general. The site speaks to so many kinds of interests; it discerns which qualities will appeal to many different tastes in a tremendous number of activities. I love how it encourages young people to pay attention to the unusual.

In New York we let so many teens walk around the periphery, mildly shell-shocked by life, while the information that they need to make sense of their world sits in the center of the room. DogStarNYC welcomes them into the middle of the room; the blog tells them how to walk there. ” - Stacy L.


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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

South Africa is NOT a continent away! Jewish Museum brings South Africa closer for New Yorkers in photography and drawings

David Goldblatt Exhibition
May 02, 2010 - September 19, 2010

David Goldblatt, one of South Africa’s most highly regarded photographers, was witness to apartheid’s infiltration into every aspect of South African life. His photos do not look at the large events or the public face of violence; rather they focus on the world of ordinary people and the minutiae of everyday life, illuminating the depth of injustice and the character of the people who imposed it and who struggled against it.

May 02, 2010 - September 19, 2010

South African William Kentridge’s art is internationally acclaimed for its dramatic narrative invention and for its extraordinary technique. Grounded in recent South African history, Kentridge's complex narratives address personal and universal concerns of love, greed, jealousy, and memory.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Watch Blu “Big Bang Big Boom” Video

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Having caught the eye of many with their previous artistic efforts, Blu’s latest “Big Bang Big Boom” is sure to illicit a number of responses for another remarkably well-done and creative piece. Combining cinematography, painting and installation work, the level of interaction amongst Blu’s work and the real-world is phenomenal as they aim to offer their two cents on the theory of evolution.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discover the Monster Engine: Professional Artist Turns Kid's Drawings into Wildly Alive and Vivid Works of Art

(Above) Original child’s drawing by Michael, age 10.

(Above) Reinterpretation of drawing by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine.

(Above) Original child’s drawing by Chelsea (right) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.(Above) Original child’s drawing by seven year old (right) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.
(Above) Original child’s drawing (left) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.

(Above) Original child’s drawing (left) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.
(Above) Original child’s drawing (right) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.
(Above) Original child’s drawing (right) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.

(Above) Original child’s drawing (right) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.
(Above) Original child’s drawing by Kimberly (right) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.
(Above) Original child’s drawing by Chelsea (left) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.
(Above) Original child’s drawing (left) and reinterpretation by Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine. Click on image for larger view.

CHILDREN HAVE THE UNIQUE ABILITY TO TAP INTO a consciousness that is untainted and uncontaminated by training. Yep, training. Art instruction in schools is certainly not a bad thing, but it’s their job to see such naive approaches to visualization expand. 

The Monster Engine is based on the idea of creating realistic paintings from children’s drawings. It all turned out to be a great success and an innovative concept. Sometimes artists just happen to get to one point where their imagination stops. But not children.
They are an endless “resource” for creations and we are going to prove that to you with this post. 22 images presenting the drawings made by children, all around 6 years old and then their representations made by Dave DeVries.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FREE! Internships/Workshops for Teens at Whitney Museum - Applications due Sept 15

DOG STAR knows many teens will be wrapping up summer jobs and getting ready to return to school in a few weeks.  Have you thought at all about college applications?  How about what you will even include on these applications?

Recently we posted about a program at New York University and now the Whitney has announced their program for artists and writers.  Maybe you don't think of yourself as an "artist" or a "writer"?  Well become one and apply for this free program that meets once each week from October through December.

Here for Whitney Museum applications


There is a point beyond which even justice becomes unjust.
Sophocles (496 BC-406 BC)

KAWS at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in CT (real close on Metro North from Grand Central Station!)

DOG STAR is excited to share the news of a KAWS exhibit in our area, sort of.  Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is in Ridgfield, CT - which is closer than you think!

KAWS isn't seen much around here - both physically and in the form of a show - so this Aldrich show is a special treat.  It will be up at the museum until January 2011 so there's plenty of time to plan a day trip.

We took a field trip recently by car but initially planned to take the Metro North train out of Grand Central to the Katonah station in Westchester County.  From the Katonah station a cab takes you in 15 minutes to the Aldrich!

Here for the Aldrich Museum website

Here to read interview with curator of the show

KAWS Museum Exhibit Opening from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

From the Imaginary DOG STAR Soundtrack: Just take it slow, we've got so far to go...

Friday, August 27, 2010


Life is not intellectual or critical, but sturdy. Its chief good is for well-mixed people who can enjoy what they find, without question.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher

Discover ANOTHER AFRICA online magazine features lifestyle, culture and the arts from the continent (Not the usual picture of Africa we get in our news!)

DOG STAR first saw Lyle Owerko's photography at Clic Gallery in SoHo, near the DOG STAR offices.  These giant prints of the Samburu show the dignity and pride of this small tribe.

Recently Lyle's Samburu photo essay was featured on ANOTHER AFRICA - an online magazine we are happy to share with our readers!

From Another Africa:

The Samburu is a photographic series on the Samburu people, referred to locally as the Butterly People. They live in the foothills of Mount Kenya in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The Samburu are a semi-nomadic pastoral people, distant cousins to the Maasai, who up until about ten years ago had little contact with the outside world. Owerko writes, they are “easily one of the most fascinating groups of people I’ve ever encountered, the Samburu are a prideful people who consult the stars for spiritual guidance, all the while maintaining a warrior culture that is equal parts fierce and gentle.”
These images are majestic and powerful. The people exude a beauty that despite the plethora of fashion magazines and creative work I see, little can compare to the breathtaking style, dignity and aesthetics of the Samburu.
Here for Another Africa website

Here for Lyle Owerko on Another Africa website

Here for interview with Lyle at Format Magazine

Here for Lyle Owerko website

Here for Clic Gallery

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Discover fashion designer Gareth Pugh's incredible one-woman fashion show with model Raquel Zimmerman (Watch it for the video production even if you don't care about fashion!)

Archaeologists Discover the Tomb of a Teenager Buried for Over 1600 Years

The remains of a teenager of Mochica community, buried more than
1,600 years ago in the Peruvian province of Sipan, in the department
of Lambayeque. The place were found by a team of archaeologists 16
meters from tomb of Great Lord of Sipan, according to Alva.

LIMA.- Archaeologists have discovered, 16 meters from the tomb of
the Great Lord of Sipan, the remains of a teenager belonging to the
Moche society who was buried over 1600 years ago in Peru.

The discoverer of the Lord of Sipan, Peru's Walter Alva, explained
that eight days ago he proceeded to clean the grave in a hitherto
unexplored area in northern Peru.

The tomb is located on the same funeral platform where the Lord of
Sipan was found in 1987, one of the most important archaeological
achievements of the twentieth century.

This site is located in the village of Sipan in the northern province of
Lambayeque, the researchers located the entrance to a tomb consisting
of a trench two feet wide and four meters long containing a cane coffin.

Inside the coffin, lay the remains of a teenager, apparently male, 1.35
meters high who would have between 12 and 14 years old, said Alva.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VISIONARY STUDIO for High School Students! Apply NOW for the FREE art workshops at N.Y.U. for the Fall semester!

DOG STAR knows many devoted readers are creative and looking for a way to express themselves!

We like this FREE opportunity on Saturday mornings in the Fall for high school students.

Visionary Studio: Saturday Art Workshop  is a 9-week program that combines the excitement of creating art with issues in social justice.

Saturday mornings, from 10am-12pm, teens research one of four significant social themes (such the human body, street art, humor, and fashion as art/ art as fashion) and discover a rich array of innovative, multidisciplinary approaches through which they can visually express their ideas.

Together, students and teachers consider ways in which artists can and do influence society, and may experiment with techniques that include drawing, painting, printmaking, video, photography, 3-dimensional media, and installation.

These workshops will challenge students to think outside of traditional artistic mediums and explore how artistic boundaries and influence can be stretched to include what has historically been excluded.

As part of the program students will have a final exhibition as their last class. Last Spring student works were exhibited at NYU to a wide audience of parents, friends, teachers, and NYU faculty.

Here for the link to the application and more information 

Discover Spike Lee's Second Feature on New Orleans After Katrina: "If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise"

DOG STAR knows many people are disgusted by the BP Oil Fiasco in the Gulf.  When Spike Lee returned to the area to find out how life has been going five years after Hurricane Katrina he thought he was closing the story or, at least, finding some closure to that tragedy.  The the oil spill happened and instead of an ending he realized a new wound had opened.

Lee's documentary, "If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise," premiers this week on HBO and must be seen.

In a recent New York Times interview with Dave Itzkoff, Lee explains why there is still so much to worry about in the Gulf region:

Itzkoff:  Do people there feel like the oil-spill disaster is now behind them?
Lee:  No. People are not believing that 75 percent of the oil has disappeared. No one with any intelligence believes that. Only the most gullible person could believe that on one hand we had the world’s greatest oil spill – on the other hand, a couple days after it’s capped, 75 percent of the oil has disappeared? No thank you. Don’t believe it. One day, five, 10, 15 years from now – maybe sooner – we may find out that dispersant they used was more harmful than the oil. And they were using a ton of that stuff.

Here for HBO website

Here for New York Times interview with Spike Lee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Watch Mike Tompkins Perform ALL Instruments & Sing Using Only His Voice and Mouth!

AD Magazine Online Features Artists Homes

Above:  Painter Georgia O'Keefe's studio in New Mexico

DOG STAR likes to think that a view to an artist's spaces will reveal something about the magic and alchemy that happened there.  What can a space tell us about how an artist created the artwork?  In a small way, AD MAgazine offers a clue with a slideshow of homes and studios of some famous artists.  Enjoy!

Here for link to Architectural Digest artist's homes

Monday, August 23, 2010

THIS WEEK ONLY! FREE! Visit the giant indoor Park Avenue Armory for an Open Studio tour of the new installation "Home" by Yoshitomo Nara

DOG STAR will go today for a special report on this giant art installation being built inside the Park Avenue Armory.

Yoshitomo Nara will construct a small village inside the armory with his team and it will be open to the public FREE for visits every night this week from 4-7pm.  Wear closed shoes, covered shoudlers and they'll be giving you a hard hat since it is a real construction site.

This brief video will give you a glimpse of the art installation being built inside the armory.

Park Avenue Armory, in collaboration with Asia Society Museum, will host an open studio with Yoshitomo Nara and his collaborative team, YNG.

In the Armory’s soaring 55,000-square-foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall, Nara and YNG will reconstruct the large-scale installation work Home, which will include a display of Nara’s drawings and other objects.

Nara will also establish a temporary studio adjacent to the drill hall, to create new drawings and other works while the team works on the reconstruction. The Armory will open its doors from 4pm until 7pm on Monday, August 23 through Friday, August 27 so the general public can witness the creative process of the artist and his team.

Once the open studio period has concluded, the reconstructed Home and Nara’s new works will be transported to the Armory’s Upper East Side neighbor, Asia Society Museum. The pieces will become part of Asia Society Museum’s fall exhibition, Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody’s Fool, which opens on September 9.

From September 9, 2010 through January 2, 2011, Asia Society devotes its entire museum space to a major exhibition of Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara (b. 1959), one of the most influential Neo Pop artists working today. More than one hundred works from the last two decades, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and installation works—many of which have never been exhibited in the United States—will emphasize the relationship of Nara’s art to rock and punk music, an ongoing source of inspiration and prevailing reference point in his work.

FREE! Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson Celebration in Brooklyn's Prospect Park


DOG STAR missed this party last year (we were on vacation) but will be sure to go this year with a group of friends.  For the second year, Spike Lee presents a birthday celebration in honor of Michael Jackson.

A field in prospect Park - called the Nethermead - will have a stage with performers and booths with refreshments (not sure if these are for sale or if they will be free).

Sunday, August 29, 12-5pm

Here for FACEBOOK page with more information

Sunday, August 22, 2010

TOO HOT TO HOLD BACK! Watch new video from CeeLo (of Gnarls Barkley) - Lyrics ARE the video and the beat is tough!

Discover Governor's Island this weekend with free tours, bike rentals and a picnic

DOG STAR likes a FREE field trip and this is one of New York City's best!  Take a ferry from South Street to the former Coast Guard station in New York harbor for free bike rentals, picnics, concerts and tours of the historic buildings!

Here for link to Governors Island with ferry information

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Texas Vortex for Art: A site-specific installation (or destruction!) in a Houston neighborhood

Click any image for larger view.

Click any image for larger view.

DEAN RUCK AND DAN HAVEL, two artists from Texas, used two side-by-side houses that were about to be demolished for the new Art League Houston and reconstructed them to create 
“Inversion.” This funnel-like vortex, at the west wall adjacent to Montrose Boulevard in Houstonbecame quite a neighborhood attraction—but sadly, the work is now torn down to make way for the new arts building. The exterior skin of the houses was essentially peeled back and used to create the inverted spiral you see in these pics. The work is somewhat reminiscent of the work of Gordon Matta-Clark that was recently exhibited at St. Louis’ fabulous Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

The project was sponsored by Art League Houston on the site of their future building. 

Via here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Discover local photographer Thomas Prior's gritty, stark and sharp-edged images of the world

DOG STAR likes discovering new photographers (at least new to us!) and today we share THOMAS PRIOR who lives in Brooklyn.  He's also a blogger who maintains a site that documents his experiences taking certain shots, his life as a photographer and what appeals to him and his vision.

We're going to encourage Alberto Vargas to check out Tom's blog since Alberto is doing something similar at his own blog (here).

We chose these two pictures below since it is summertime and they feature a unique place for swimming:  Blackrock diving tower on the west coast of Ireland.

Thomas explains, These photographs are "part of a series shot at Blackrock diving tower on the west coast of Ireland in August and September of 2009. The series is one of a few short projects dealing with dangerous recreation in beautiful places.

This kid had done two or three similar jumps the day before. I was out on the platform but the angle wasn't good. When he showed up the next day, I moved to shore and waited and waited until this happened.
This steep, slippery stairway is inside the tower. Sometimes people huddle there when it's windy. At low tide it's bone dry and relatively safe. At high tide, it looks like this.

Here for Thomas Prior's website with link to his blog

Here for Thomas Prior print sales at 20X200 website

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Readers and Writers Gather in Ft. Greene Park this Saturday for Literary Festival

DOG STAR knows many devoted readers will join us in Ft. Greene this Saturday, August 21 for the Literary Festival at 3pm!

This annual summer literary festival is sponsored and presented by a group called New York Writers Coalition.  Their regular programs include writing and reading workshops around the city and a summer writing program for children and teens.

Many, many writers are scheduled to appear and give live readings as well as performance and spoken word poets.  Teens are especially encouraged to attend since many teens will be reading and discussing their work with the audience.

Here for New York Writers Coalition

Here for directions to Fort Greene Park

Here for Greenlight Bookstore

Sunday, August 15, 2010

DOG STAR Flick Picks: ANIMAL KINGDOM and LA SOGA (Not Hollywood blockbusters and NOT in 3D, thank god!) Both playing in theaters now!

DOG STAR knows someone will get dragged, kicking and screaming, to see EAT PRAY LOVE when what he really wants to see is an action movie.

These two new films are NOT Hollywood summer blockBUSTers and are not in 3D (we'll save that for Avatar and Step Up sequels).

What these two new films do have is intelligent writing, fast-paced action and gritty characters who get into some pretty gully situations.

Animal Kingdom
Here for Animal Kingdom official website
Here for interview with the director
Here for theater showing Animal Kingdom in Manhattan

La Soga
Here for La Soga official website
Here for theater showing La Soga in Manhattan

AMC Empire 25 New York, NY 8/13
234 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10036, Tel: 888-262-4386 / 212-398-2597
Empire/ Coliseum Cinemas New York, NY 8/13
701 West 181st Street, New York, NY 10033, Tel: 212-740-1545

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rolling Stone Interview w/ Jay-Z features online photo album!

DOG STAR is a Jay Z fan - not one of the crazy die-hard fans who will be paying big bucks for the upcoming shows at Yankee Stadium, but a fan.  We like this interview from the start of the summer.

Here for link to Rolling Stone Magazine

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer in the City: Tight Rope Walker from "Man on Wire" Teaches Class in Brooklyn

DOG STAR knows many devoted readers have watched the documentary "Man on Wire."  We have shown it in our class many times.

If you don't know it, it is the incredible true story of how Philip Petit convinced a motley crew of friends and helpers to fulfill his dream to walk on a tight rope between the newly-built World Trade Center towers in 1974.  This Frenchman has lived in upstate New York for many years but has come to Brooklyn for a special class.

Today's New York Times features the special class and it's an interesting story.  We've also included the trailer for the film which is on DVD now.

Learning to Walk in the Slippers of a High-Wire Artist

Amye Walters tried not to look down. Her feet gripped a cable less than an inch thick that stretched 21 feet in front of her. Sweat dampened her long dark hair, black tank-top and spandex pants. The potential seven-foot fall to the ground did not scare her, but if she did not advance, she could imagine her father saying, “You should have gone all the way. I know you could have finished it.”
Back in early July, still in her pajamas, Ms. Walters, 34, checked her e-mail before going to work. Her father had sent her a message highlighting an article about a workshop to be taught by Philippe Petit, who famously walked on a wire between the World Trade Center towers in 1974, an event chronicled in the Oscar-winning 2008 documentary Man on Wire.”
“You should apply for this. … Once in a lifetime opportunity,” her father wrote.
On Monday, Ms. Walters and five other students gathered in the lobby of the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics (SLAM) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The three men and three women, two from New York, three from California and Ms. Walters from Atlanta were among 18 people selected to take part in one of three, two-day workshops.  READ MORE HERE...

Discover an incredible roof-top adventure at the Met Museum! FREE for teens!

DOG STAR knows many readers will run to this exciting new show at the Metropolitan Museum.  Why?  This is a unique experience on the Met's roof to climb 40-50 feet into the sky over Central Park on bamboo walkways.  How often do you get to do that?  Uh, never!  Scroll to the bottom of this post for details on HOW TO GET TICKETS!

Watch the full episode. See more SundayArts.
Doug + Mike Starn on the Roof: Big Bambú
April 27, 2010–October 31, 2010 (weather permitting)
The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, Metropolitan Museum
82nd Street & 5th Avenue


American artists Mike and Doug Starn (born 1961) have been invited by The Metropolitan Museum of Art to create a site–specific installation for The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, opening to the public on April 27.

The identical twin brothers will present Big Bambú, a monumental bamboo structure ultimately measuring 100 feet long by 50 feet wide by 50 feet high in the form of a cresting wave that will bridge realms of sculpture, architecture, and performance.

Visitors are meant to witness the creation and evolving incarnations of Big Bambú as it is constructed throughout the spring, summer, and fall by the artists and a team of rock climbers.

Set against Central Park and its urban backdrop, Doug + Mike Starn on the Roof: Big Bambú will suggest the complexity and energy of an ever–changing living organism.

Care to Climb?
All visitors will be allowed on the main level of the roof, but walking the elevated pathways of “Big Bambú” is more complicated. For that you will need to know about:
TIMED TICKETS One per person, available only first come first served, with museum admission, in the Uris Center for Education, at the 81st Street entrance. Morning tour tickets are released at 9:30 a.m.; afternoon tours at noon. On Fridays and Saturdays, evening tours are available, and tickets will be released at 3:30 p.m. Bring a photo ID and be prepared to sign a waiver.
THE WEATHER Because the bamboo can be slippery, the installation may be closed because of rain (or even rain the night before). Call (212) 396-5300 on the day you plan to attend to check.
THE RULES Visitors have to wear closed, rubber-soled shoes and be able to walk unassisted. (No wheelchairs, walkers or canes, unless the canes have a wrist strap and are used to aid the visually impaired.) Children must be at least 10 and over four feet tall; adults must accompany those younger than 13. Also, no personal items (including handbags, cellphones and cameras) will be allowed; lockers will be provided.

DOG STAR loves summer vacation!

FREE! Special concert performance of "The Capeman" at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park

DOG STAR and a group of friends will be going to this show since we missed it when it was on Broadway.  But beware!  While it is free, one must pay with time!  See, to get the free tickets you have to stand on a lien VERY early in the morning on the day of the show.  We will be on the line by 7am.  And we live in Brooklyn!

Why so early?  The site says tickets are distributed at 1pm!  Yes!  That's true!  However, keep in mind that legendary singer Paul Simon MIGHT show up during some or ALL of the performances.  The show is expected to be very popular and the lien forms early for free tickets.  Get there after 8:30 am and risk not getting a ticket! pay with your time.  Bring a book!  Bring snacks!  Each person on the line gets TWO tickets - so plan ahead and bring some friends and you can double the size of your group who sees the show that night!  Get it?

DOG STAR readers who have NEVER attended a show in Central Park's Delacorte Theater are missing a legendary New York City activity that makes it so worth it to live in this greta town!

Here for more information

Thursday, August 12, 2010

COMING NEXT WEEK at Film Forum: "A Film Unfinished" features never-before-seen footage of the Warsaw Ghetto and the making of Nazi propaganda films during WW II

DOG STAR never stops being shocked at the horror of the Holocaust and the Nazi propaganda used to destroy the Jewish people.

The film opens at Film Forum on august 18 and runs for two weeks only!

This new documentary "A Film Unfinished" features an incredible "analysis" of how the Nazi's systematically used technology to document their evil endeavors.

The analysis is in the form of old footage filmed by Nazi filmmaker sin the Warsaw, Poland neighborhood that was created by the Nazis to separate Jews from others.  This was called the Warsaw Ghetto.  Nazis staged lavish dinners, parties and happy-looking gatherings to show the world that everything was fine inside the ghetto.  It was far from the truth.  People were starving, sick children were not being treated by doctors and everyone was forced to live in horrible conditions.

All of this was a prelude to their transfer by cattle trains to the concentration camps and the gas chambers.