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Image above: Vik Muniz

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère after Édouard Manet, from the Pictures of Magazines 2 series, 2012.

Out of the refuse of modern life—torn scraps of outdated magazines, destined for obscurity—Muniz has assembled an ode to one of the first paintings of modern life. Édouard Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, painted in 1882, explores the treachery of nineteenth-century Parisian nightlife through the depiction of a bartender attending to a male patron reflected in the mirror behind her. Muniz plays on Manet’s style, replacing Manet’s visible brushstrokes with the frayed edges of torn paper and lending the work immense visual interest.

“Thank you for DogStarNYC, in general. The site speaks to so many kinds of interests; it discerns which qualities will appeal to many different tastes in a tremendous number of activities. I love how it encourages young people to pay attention to the unusual.

In New York we let so many teens walk around the periphery, mildly shell-shocked by life, while the information that they need to make sense of their world sits in the center of the room. DogStarNYC welcomes them into the middle of the room; the blog tells them how to walk there. ” - Stacy L.


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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Prospects in 2009?

New Orleans has been hosting a city-wide art festival called Prospect 1. My friend Sally sent this pic of a street sign that she saw in many places around the city. In New Orleans it means a few things, in our own city it means some other things - and for 2009 what can it mean in our own lives?

CLICK HERE for more information on the New Orleans art festival.

NOTORIOUS Movie Review

The actor who played Biggie - a real-life actor named Gravy was good; he had a very difficult job to do; Angela Basset as his mom was wasted - all she was asked to do was cry "Why, Chrissie-Poo?"

The actor who played Puff made Diddy look like a pansy fool. Pacing of the film is extra slow. Too many aerial shots and scene montages are filler.
Concert scenes make no sense. They are not conected to anything (we are suppsoed to see them as the rise to the top but they do not read that way).

Family drama is immature and childish even if it is based on real life. In fact, most of the time it wasn't believable that these were adults at all - except when Angela Basset was in the scene and there is no denying SHE IS AN ADULT! Tupac is played like a child too and he should have had much more gravitas to him (shouting and puffing up your chest is not the same things as swagger).

So, 2 out of 5 stars!

If you are interested in more on the film - go to my page for the senior class - CLICK HERE On the senior's page I have links to interviews and movie reviews.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Watch the Obama Inauguration LIVE!

Meet in Room 209 on Tuesday, January 20 to watch the Obama inauguration live. We will log in to the 'puters and go to any of the news sites such as CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Spread the word to anyone in our class: via chat, text, email or myspace!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fashion Photography at ICP

for a link to the New York Times slideshow presentation on Edward Steichen

FIND OUT MORE on Edward Steichen HERE

See information for Steichen exhibit at ICP HERE

Friday, January 16, 2009

Summer Journalism Programs: Princeton

It's not too early to think about a summer program - many college-bound juniors

apply and participate in a "bridge program" between junior and senior years.

For those who are SERIOUS about journalism and may want to major in it in college AND the income of one of your parents DOES NOT EXCEED $45,000.00 then consider applying to Princeton Unviersity's Summer Journalism program for high school juniors! The application is demanding and requires a commitment to get it in on time!

CLICK HERE for the program description and application!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

News on "Jena 6" Teen

CNN is reporting that Mychal Bell, one of the young men involved in the Jena, Louisiana controversy attempted suicide following pressure to be good!

CLICK HERE for link!

News Articles on Teenagers

Homework reminder:

On Friday, January 16, we will met again in Room 209.

As assigned earlier this week, you need to have the following for Tuesday.

Find and bring into class AT LEAST THREE articles:

1. Topic is a news or feature involving teenagers.
2. Articles should be no older then 1-year old.
3. Staple each one to BEHIND a sheet of looseleaf (or typed page).
4. On each sheet of looseleaf:
- Your name, date
- Title of article
- How teens are involved in the story
- Five important facts from the story
- Why other teens would be interested in this story

Do come prepared with this simple assignment so that you can fully participate in the next unit in our class.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Anybody have any interest in taking a field trip to SoHo to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? School groups can sign up for $10 tickets (it will not be free, sorry!). The regular price is $16.00. I think anybody in class who is interested in music history, fashion, photography and American culture will enjoy the exhibits. CLICK HERE for the website!

On the website see visitor information then GALLERY and GALLERY IMAGES for more about what to expect in a visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The proposal to the class:

1. No more than 20 students.
2. Everyone who goes pays $10.00 each.
3. Students NOT in the class could join the trip - as long as they are Bergtraum students.
4. Some time in March.

Let me know in class!

Respond to "Pictures from a Revolution"

After watching all of the documentary on Susan Meiselas's return to Nicaragua, in your LJ respond to this question:

What does Susan Meiselas discover when she returns to Nicaragua to find the subjects of her photos?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama film

 Documentary: Amy Rice and Alicia Sams' By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (2009)

January 19, 7:30PM
One year ago the U.S. inaugurated its first African-American president. Two years before that, filmmakers Amy Rice and Alicia Sams began to roll cameras on the young Senator Barack Obama. For more than 19 months, they crisscrossed the country, chronicling the ups and downs of the campaign trail as experienced by Obama, his family, and his staff and volunteers. Few Americans know this behind-the-scenes story of passionate campaigners who helped a young freshman senator attain the nation's highest office. A Q&A with the filmmakers and reception follows.

Price: $5

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Amazing and Uplifting Story!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CBS NEWS STORY on an amazing and truly uplifting news story. We need stories like this one in these difficult times. This is not a joke. Please do watch the whole thing - you will have a nice reaction!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Next Monday at the Met Museum!

School is closed next Monday, January 19 for Dr. King's birthday.

The Metropolitan Museum opens with special hours for the day from 9:30 to 5:30.

The museum is normally closed on Mondays.

Remember! You pay only $1.00 when you walk up to the Admissions counter and hand the dollar and say, "One please."

Why would I go?

See one-of-a-kind jewelry (no two were made) made by hand by sculptor
Alexander Calder!

See old photographs of New York City!

See exhibit "Art & Love in renaissance Italy."

Be together in one of the world's most beautiful public buildings filled
with art, beauty, truth and justice!

Friday, January 2, 2009

FREE! Soho Photo Gallery Presents Portraits in Deep: the Photographers of Pathways to Housing

DOG STAR likes this pic of photographer Pamela Parlapiano:  it shows her helping a young student use a camera in one of her many, many trips abroad.  Pamela aims to not only photograph her subjects but she also wants to connect with them and often does it through photo classes.

Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce that January’s guest exhibition will be Portraits in Deep: the Photographers of Pathways to Housing. The 20 digital color images in this show are the culmination of a three-year project by the photographers under the tutelage of Pamela Parlapiano.

She encouraged her students to photograph each other as the creative individuals they are rather than how people expected them to be because they were formerly homeless or dealing with mental illness.

Parlapiano says, “This project is in keeping with my life’s work of showing that just because people are challenged in one area of their life doesn’t mean they aren’t gifted in another.”

She has been teaching photography at Pathways to Housing since its inception in 1989. Over the years, she has witnessed how photography can be transformative in the way her students view themselves and how others view them.

Parlapiano states that Portraits in Deep is a project that explores and flaunts the creative side of her students; they have photographed each other as the unique people they are—volatile, creative and free of convention—the very same traits that contribute to great art.

GALLERY HOURS:  Wednesday through Sunday 1-6pm

Soho Photo Gallery has been showcasing a broad spectrum of imagery by emerging and veteran photographers since 1971. The Gallery is located in New York City’s historic TriBeCa district, three blocks south of Canal Street between West Broadway and Sixth Avenue. Subways: #1 to Franklin Street or the A, C, E, W, N, R or #6 to Canal Street.